Hi there, I’m Janice. I work as an employee at the Headey Convenience Store. Three of my colleagues from the same day shift as mine and I have been following the Nutrisystem program for about five months now. I will talk about the Nutrisystem promo codes after I talk about our fitness journey with Nutrisystem.

The Headey Convenience Store is an established ninety year old convenience store. The one I work at is the Boston branch. In my shift, there are three other employees- Rob, Bran and Arya. All four of us decided to follow a diet plan to be in good shape and start living a healthy lifestyle. Arya was the only one who wasn’t overweight when we began. To be appropriate for all four of us, we were searching for a meal plan that would work for both people who want to lose weight, and people who want to remain fit.

After spending days searching for the best diet plan, one of the regular customers at our store recommended Nutrisystem to us. When she told us about the program, it really seemed too good to be true. We were very skeptical about the program, so we decided to first check their website and phone them for more details before jumping to conclusions.

The first phone call with Nutrisystem was five and half months ago. The staff explained everything about Nutrisystem in a very unhesitant manner. He even talked about how we can save money with all the coupons you can activate on Nutrisystem website, and how receiving these coupons can be easier. Even after the phone call, we were pretty skeptical, but we decided to give it a try since we didn’t have any other option.

Introducing Nutrisystem food to our lives

During our first phone call to Nutrisystem, we were told by the staff that they had different meal plans for people with different fitness levels. They offer meal plans even for diabetic people, vegetarian people and people who only opt for the maintenance program. Despite our different bodies, all of us decided to start with the basic meal plan which was priced about $10 a day. We were excited about the program; mostly because of the Nutrisystem coupon codes that helped us make our affordable food more affordable by giving us a $2 discount. We only had to $8 per day for our meals.

Nutrisystem Healthy Weight Loss

We were all eager about starting the Nutrisystem program as something new to move us a step ahead in healthy living. Nutrisystem assigned us six meals a day, each to eat at an interval for two to three hours. This made sure that we are never hungry. All our meals were scheduled for specific times. The six meals were breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and evening snack all packaged properly and mostly frozen, ready to be microwaved and eaten. The best part about Nutrisystem (after its affordability) is that unlike other meal plans like Medifast, it includes all sorts of food. It explained that being on a diet didn’t necessarily have to mean that we’re having salads or only fruits or almonds. It let us have pizzas and burgers as well… Of course they were all low fat, low glycemic pizzas and burgers, but they were tasty! They were also high in fiber, high in protein so they made sure our bodies were getting enough nutrition. We were eating tasty healthy food, losing weight and getting closer to living a healthy lifestyle- all these in affordable prices with the Nutrisystem discount codes.

Get great motivation over the phone

The first two weeks were really a pain. All of us had very little concentration on work because of fast food and junk food cravings. Having to be around chips, candies and snacks and convincing ourselves that we need to continue living healthy was a struggle. We still agree that the most difficult part of sticking to the Nutrisystem diet plan was to control our cravings. We were trying our best not to cheat during the program but it felt impossible being around so much food and having to eat low glycemic meals.

One day, I thought I couldn’t continue anymore, and called to ask if I could include some outside food in my diet. The Nutrisystem staff said that wasn’t how the full Nutrisystem program works, but he passed the phone to a counselor. The counselor was extremely polite and inspiring. She talked about how there are many people who fail to live healthy because of these cravings; the least we can do is to control, and keep ourselves busy. It was great because she encouraged me by talking about all the money I had been saving with the Nutrisystem discount codes. It was amazing how talking to her for only about ten minutes resulted in me wanting to continue the diet plan without cheating. I told my colleagues about this, and till today, any time we get unhealthy food cravings, we call the Nutrisystem office and talk to their trained weight loss counselors. After using the Nutrisystem program for five months, we have listed some pros and cons about the program:


  • Nutrisystem coupons make it affordable for everyone
  • Variety of foods in each meal plan
  • Phone their office for great motivation


  • Having to microwave most of the meals
  • Extreme outside food cravings
  • Coupon hunting can be tiring

Nutrisystem plus exercise

During our free time, we were all motivated to search for Nutrisystem coupons. After a counseling session with one of the trained weight loss counselors at Nutrisystem, we were motivated to start some exercise. Not all four of us had the time to hit the gym. Robb and Bran decided to go jogging together. I started to do yoga at home and Arya started to walk to work. With about a total of thirty minutes of physical exercise a day, our Nutrisystem results were maximizing.

Now, five months from the starting date, Rob, Bran and I have lost at least 30 lbs each. Arya looks fitter every day. Our regular customers look surprised when they see how much weight the three of us have lost. Everyone compliments Arya’s legs and her fit body. Nutrisystem has made all of our lives better, and we have started recommending the program to anyone who asks us how we did it. Start your journey today and get fitter by starting your diet with the meal plans… Thanks to the Nutrisystem coupon codes, the program is extremely affordable!